We are offering 1-2 courses monthly. Contact: info@delawarevalleytaildraggers.com

Tailwheel Endorsement & Training

Super Cub Tailwheel Training in Philadelphia (KPNE) 

Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & New York

About Us

Experienced Tailwheel Instructor


Sarah Rovner has over 1500 hours in tailwheel airplanes and has flown 121 different types of aircraft in 15 countries. She holds an ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI and is a Master Instructor. 

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Intense 2-3 Day Tailwheel Course


Expect to fly 6-10 hours over the course of 2-3 days to complete your tailwheel endorsement & tailwheel training. We have rates at local hotels and provide a structured course to meet your scheduling needs. We also offer flight instruction with an optional Instrument Proficiency Check and Flight Review with the tailwheel endorsement.

Course Information

Our Mission


Create proficient tailwheel pilots who learn additional skills they can use throughout their aviation career.


The school was founded on the principles of excellence, safety, and value. We want to add high quality pilots to the world that reflect the same standards of excellence and safety. 

Homework & References for Students

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PA-18 Pilot Operating Handbook (pdf)


Airplane Flying Handbook Transition to Tailwheel Chapter 13 (pdf)