The next available course will be in April 2020. Contact for availability.

The Aircraft - PA18 Super Cub

"Patches" the Super Cub


Our 1953 PA-18 Super Cub features a 150hp O-320 engine and flaps. As a "T" Cub, it comes with toe brakes from the factory.  The heat works well in the winter and the plane is well ventilated in the summer!

The plane rents for $180/hr for dual instruction. Unfortunately, we are unable to allow students to solo the aircraft.

With a useful load of 647 pounds, it's well suited to take on just about anything you can fit in it!

Advanced Avionics


Our Aspen panel will allow you to complete Aspen and Garmin 430 training as well as an optional instrument proficiency check.


  • Aspen E5 EFD
  • Garmin 430W WAAS
  • Garmin GTX335 (ADSB-OUT)
  • Stratus for Foreflight
  • EDM700 engine monitor

26 inch Oversize Tires (Bushwheels)


Our oversize Goodyear 26 inch tires give customs an opportunity to have some fun on grass strips. As a good "in between" tire for both off airport and paved operations, it gives the best of both worlds for durability and utility. Don't be alarmed when you notice the tires have no tread - that's the way they are supposed to be!

Although landing off airport is for the most part not allowed in New Jersey, there are some great grass airports in the area that will test your abilities for short/soft field takeoffs and landings with challenging obstacles.